Membership of The Skye Club comes as standard to residents of Skye and day passes and lifetime memberships are available to friends of residents. Recreational regions are provided exclusively for the use of residents and club members. Members are actively encouraged to use these regions for their own events and the Estate is always open to suggestions. IM Alex Bader in-world for more details.

Recreational Sims
Ullinish: Forrest and loch region - good for walking, riding meditating and magic mushrooms! Take me there
Snizort: Open Ocean with fully loaded scuba zone- good for diving, surfing, sunbathing. Take me there
Cuillin: The high loch with Club House - good for sailing, parties and generaly looking swanky! Take me there
Neist Point: Open Ocean - good for sailing and flying. Solafirma space city floats above 250m. Take me there
Please note that these areas are not open to non-members. Temporary membership is available for interested customers.



:: Contact: In-world IM Alex Bader, email:






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