Purchase of property is handled in-world in Linden dollars (or in US$ via PayPal) and monthly maintenance payments for Skye are collected securely and easily through PayPal subscriptions. You must set up a subscription as soon as you have purchased a property. Once the initial subscription is arranged your fees are drawn automatically. Maintenance is paid at the end of each monthly period so your first payment will be taken a month after your purchase date. You do not pay Linden Labs any additional cost for your property on Skye and tier fees for any mainland property you own are unnafected.

Monthly fees are based on square meterage of land owned and currently Skye plots come in two size brackets - up to 8192m2 and up to 16384m2. Please subscribe securely below.

New owners can set up their monthly fees here:

Up to 8192m2 US$49 per month
Up to 16384m2 US$89 per month
Skye Half Homestead Sim US$69 per month
Skye Full Homestead Sim US$119 per month


NB If you sell your property you will need to unsubscribe to stop your maintainance payments. Click here to unsubscribe


:: Contact: In-world IM Alex Bader, email: alex@alexbader.com






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